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Are there any debt relief programs out there to help me

                I asked myself this question many times when I was getting out of college.  Being a young adult in college with low paying jobs you’re bound to get into debt.  I tried everything from getting my bachelor’s degree to transferring my debt to no interest rates credit cards to pay off my debt.  But this process never seemed to work for me, and most Americans it doesn’t.  The more jobs I worked the more money that went towards gas for my car, or dinner because I was too tired to cook, or extra childcare.  So my debt continued to grow and become a part of my life.  There were solutions people offered me but nothing really seemed to work.  I did not make enough money to pay all my bills so setting aside money for savings each month or paying extra on my credit cards was not a good program for me, in fact it stressed me out even more because I could not do it.  So I was constantly asking myself if there were any debt relief solutions out there for me.

I received a phone call from a company that said they were debt settlement and the lady on the other end started explaining to me a solution that sounded like something I needed.  It was debt settlement a program that will settle your debt for far less than what you currently owe.  At the time I had never heard about it before, so I decided to do some research and thought that it was a good decision for me to do.  I went through the process and started enrolling my debt into the program.  As I was doing research of course I read some reviews that were not so good about the program and others that said it worked very well for them.  So of course I started getting cynical, but I was going back through all the negative reviews and noticed that the people who were complaining had different expectations than I did they seemed a little unrealistic in what they actually expected. And when it really came down stress I was feeling because of my debt, the amount of quality time I had misplaced with my kids to work off my debt, and the fact that I was paying almost double in interest because my credit was starting to have a negative impact on being maxed out I decided to go ahead and work through the process of becoming debt free.  It turns out my monthly payment was much less than what I was paying each month for minimum payments.  I was quickly starting to see that there was a debt solution for me, it was debt settlement and I was eager to go through this process and get my life back on track.

It took me three years to get through the program and settle all my debt, but it all got settled for less than 35 cents on the dollar.  It did affect my credit negatively at first but as my cards were being settled I did start to notice my credit score was going up the month after it was settled – it was slow, but it was definitely going in the direction I wanted to see it go.  There were a few changes I may like changing my number so the creditors would not call me and that alone made the program much more relaxed after that.  After I was debt free my next goal – get my credit score into the 700s.  So I started getting myself secured credit cards, I had 3 of them all with available credit over $1500 and my score went from 562 to 678 within 6 months.  I could not believe it was that simple.  I had read this program would screw your credit, which it did lower but it is simple to repair you just have to know what you are doing. So if you find yourself asking is there a credit solution out there for me, explore this program for yourself.  If you decide to  work through the negatives and be realistic you will feel less stressed!

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