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Get Out of Debt – I am so confused on where to begin can you help?

While there are numerous actions you could take to get out of debt, there is only one particular overarching secret with it, it is that you need to begin with yourself and really know what is going on before you begin.  What do I mean by this?  I mean to know what debt you have, how much debt you have, are you behind, how much are you paying on interest each month, how much longer do you have till you pay them off.  All of this information is extremely important to know before you begin anything.  Then you need to really think about how you got into debt, I do realize that there are something’s such as medical reasons that are unpredictable – but the rest where as you have overspent and you are maxed out, it is best to get to the bottom of why you overspent that way you can fix the problem.  Sound a little like an intervention session?  Well it should with over half Americans in debt, then us as Houstonians need to take a step back and fix ourselves.  Think about if you make nearly all of the buys with a charge card or maybe debit cards, and then how do you look at them at the end of the month?  You can add up your expenses within every group, for example Food, Entertainment, Rent payments, Utilities, Transportation, and so forth. You will see a pattern and you will see some habits you can change just simply by doing this step alone.

With all the advertising around, it’s simple to get trapped in the thinking of shopping for your path to happiness. Nevertheless, brand new apple iPhones, brand new clothes, or maybe brand new vehicles almost never produce all of us content in the long run. In fact it causes much more stress and then creates health problems in the long run.  Advertisers know all too well the power of debt, they know how to get you to spend, they know how to get you to apply for new cards, and they know all too well the habits of Americans.  Once you go through this analysis you can set a plan to make a new habit of only make use of debit cards, or cash/checks.   After you get a plan together to fix your habits, then you should join a debt settlement company to help you get rid of your debt.  They can settle your debt for less than half of what you currently owe and get you out of debt in 3 years or less.  At that point you will be on your way to be debt free, debt smart, and debt responsible.  Remember having debt is not bad if it is manageable, but unmanageable debt is a bad thing.  So go through these steps and help yourself get into a much better spot than you were yesterday.  Make your life stress free choose to get out of debt.

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