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How do debt consolidation programs help me get out of debt

                Getting in debt as we all know can be pretty easy especially when something big happens like a car breaking down, a family member or self going to hospital, or simply just trying to start off into adulthood and getting stuff to decorate your house.  Getting out of debt is not that easy, and it has been designed that way for a reason.  Banks and institutions make it easy to get approved and when something tough is happening it gives you temporary relief, but come a year after that you can start to see and feel the real cost of the debt.  You interest is kicking in and sometimes it is pretty outrageous to where your minimum payments can be pretty high with 85% of the minimum going straight to interest!  There are laws there are secrets.  And it is those secrets that people have started companies around to try to help you get out of debt.  Welcome to the world of debt consolidation.

When people use the term debt consolidation they use it generically referring to debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt counseling, or credit counseling.  Most people may not even realize there is a huge difference between all of these programs and you need to make sure you understand what the benefits and negatives are of each of them before you sign up.  Some of these programs cost you more than what you even owe now, some of them affect your credit for 7 years, but there is one of them that does neither.  That is debt settlement.  I like the debt settlement program because consumers do not pay more than what they owe; in fact they typically pay less than half of what they owe.  I also like this program because although it does affect your credit negatively while you are in the program once your settlements are complete the reporting negative information to your credit report stops and your credit score will actually start to improve itself over time.  There is no reporting to the credit reporting agency that you are actually enrolled in a program so although you were reported delinquent once it is settled it will say paid in full less than the original amount, which for new creditors in your future they can see that you worked with your creditors.  Other programs show that you actually had to hire someone to help you and it can be up to 7 years before anyone will loan to you similar to a bankruptcy.

So Houston, if you are looking to get out of debt and looking at debt consolidation go with debt settlement.  Basically you will be putting money into a savings account each month and letting it build up for the purpose of debt settlement and good news is you don’t have to contact the creditors to negotiate.  They will use people who are experienced in these settlements and most of the time used to work as bill collectors so they know how the other side works.  Also, if you are working with a legitimate company they will disclose their fees to you and it will be minimal.  Don’t expect to get something for nothing; if so go try to do it yourself.  It can be done but it will cost you a lot more because you do not have the expertise.

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