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I am behind on my payments; are there any good debt relief programs out here in Houston

                There are in fact good debt relief programs available for Houstonians.  But let’s address the first part of the question first.  Being behind on payments is not uncommon believe it or not.  There are many reasons people go late, and the credit card companies do charge for that.  If you’re like any person I spoke with that is late on payments you also don’t like to open up your statements just so you don’t have to see where they are up to.  With late fees and increased rates it may look as if you never made a payment before.  So you have to do something.  Credit card companies will not let you just not pay them forever they want their money they will take it in full, in settlement, or in payments.  So you have choices to make – get caught back up on your payments so you can quit paying the late fees or use a professional company to get you out of debt for less money than what you currently owe.

If you do not make a choice of a program and continue to do nothing you are in great danger of being sued.  They will garnish your wages and your employer will find out about it.  So if making payments and getting caught back up on your credit cards is not an option for you then I would highly suggest getting into a debt settlement program.  If you work with a legitimate company then you can expect settlements as low as $.15 on the dollar and not exceeding $.35 on the dollar and they should put that in writing.  Of course you will have a fee to pay the company but you should never pay over 20% for their services.  Debt settlement companies have employees to pay as well, they have bills to pay because they are a company – but they do not have to overcharge you.  Some companies will, but if you do your research you will find that some of the best debt settlement companies charge anywhere from 15% to 18% service fee.  These are actually very competitive rates for this service and you can rest assured that this is not an overpayment for this service.  Just do your research.

When people are in debt over their ears they get a little desperate and companies know that, so I suggest to you when you are in search of the right company take the desperation out of it.  Yes, you need to get into something quick but don’t fall for the too good to be true line.  The right debt settlement company will be honest of what they can do as far as settlements, they will be upfront on the downfalls of the program and help you through it, and they will also work with you as a partner as you go through the program.  This is the next three years of your life, so you want to be able to be in contact with your sales person as well as the backend settlement team any time you need it.  If you really do your research and you find the right company, in three years you will be so happy you went through this process.

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