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I am in so much debt, I am having troubles coping is there any debt consolidation that would be recommended

                Being in debt can be extremely stressful, scary, and it can make you feel very hopeless.  So keeping yourself in that situation can be taxing on your health, your family, and your job performance.  I highly recommend doing something about it.  There are debt consolidation programs out there that can help you if you are not able to get out on your own.  Getting out on your own and paying off all your credit cards would obviously be the best way to approach it, but if you’re like most Americans the place that you got yourself into you got there because you don’t have enough funds available to get you out.  So yes for that case there is help and I promise you will feel immediately relieved once you take this approach, I should know I have done it and graduated from it and my health, stress level job performance and my credit rating have never been better!

When you are so in debt that you find you will be on what I like to call “the forever plan”, then you really should be looking for a way out.  Too many times people in this situation find themselves asking what about my credit?  First what about your credit if you do not do this program?  What about your credit if you continue to make minimum payments?  For all you Houstonians, if you don’t already know this I will tell you, your credit can and WILL be fixed and it can be done pretty quickly.  Did you know that if you are maxed out on your credit cards no bank would loan you additional money anyway?  Regardless of your credit score?  Did you realize that if you are maxed out on your credit cards and you have late payments you interest rate can go up?  Seems counterproductive to me, most people want a good credit score so they can use it.  So if you are in the 600’s, which by the way unless you are at 680 you will have a “B” rating, what good is your score if you can’t do anything with it?  It’s kind of like having a nice car that has no wheels.  You can look at it all day long but you cannot use it for its purpose – driving.  There is no point in worrying about something unless you can use it for its purpose.  Debt Consolidation is like the jack that lifts the car so you can put the wheels on it.

If you are looking for a way to fix your credit score and debt within three years or less I would highly recommend using a debt settlement program.  With this program you will be able to get out of debt for less than what you currently owe, but you will also be able to repair your credit pretty quickly.  Because debt settlement does not appear anywhere on your credit report the worst thing that will be reported is missed payments.  Granted those are not great but those will be irrelevant once you start reestablishing your credit after you are out of the program.  I have been able to get my credit score up to the mid-700s and not one place has said one thing about my past missed payments.  I have been building up my credit now for over a year and have got every type of unsecured credit card available, which I keep now at a level I can pay off each month.  So I promise, go ahead try a debt settlement program and you will soon be reaping the benefits from it!

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