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I live in Houston is there any debt relief programs for me to use

The great thing about living in Houston, one of the most populated cities in America, is that there are plenty of options out there for you.  But you also need to be aware, because the more options there are the more opportunity you have of not picking the right one or the right company.  Debt relief is the goal for most Americans, to have a sense of freedom and become stress free.  Here in Houston there are debt settlement, debt management, debt counseling, and debt consolidation programs.  But just because something has the word debt in it does not mean they will save you money or even get rid of your debt.  My favorite program is the debt settlement because a consumer has the ability to get rid of their credit for less than what they currently owe, but it also does not affect their credit.  But be warned; just because someone has a debt settlement program keep in mind not all debt settlement programs give you the same result.  The result you get is dependent upon the company you use, how honest they are and how much experience they have at doing settlements.

Debt Settlement is definitely a great debt relief program but there is an art to getting good results for clients.  The most important thing to look for is that a company has been around for over 3 years and has been doing settlements that whole time.  The reason for this is that most programs go for three years.  If they have been doing this for at least three years then it should be safe to say that they have got people through the program.  If they are a young company then I’m not sure they have developed a great track record for you to really invest your money and time into them.  The next thing is after you establish the amount of time they have been in business is to look up their company name online.  Look for reviews that people may have written about them.  Another good place to search for is their BBB rating.  Although the grade will tell you a lot about the company, look at how many complaints a company has had.  Of course going into it expecting zero complaints is unrealistic if a company has over 5 I think it is safe to say that they may not be doing what’s best for their clients.  You can actually read the complaints and see what and how a company responds to them.  This really is a good way to judge a company.  In my experience when a client actually takes the time to compliant to the BBB about a company then things typically got really bad and they felt like their issues were not being handled.  Of course you will always get your one or two complaints so that’s why I say a few complaints is really nothing to worry about but in excess is a good sign of what you might be getting into.  So yes Houston, there is options to get you out of debt, just do your homework.

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