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Home Debt Management Isn’t debt relief referring to those programs that are taking money from people

Isn’t debt relief referring to those programs that are taking money from people

                Actually debt relief is referring to becoming free of debt and being able to live a comfortable life without the stress of bills getting you down.  There are many debt programs out there where companies can help you get out of debt, but they are all different.  And within each program the companies that offer them are not always investing their energy into the client and helping them solve a problem it is only about the money they make.  That is where the problem lies with these programs.  It is an easy to market to people who are in debt and get them to call in, it is easy to sell them on how you can help them, it is a hard thing to actually follow thru on what you sold and keep clients happy in the first place.  That is where the problem and the bad reviews come from.

Debt relief is what we are all striving for.  We get ourselves into debt trouble for many different reasons.  Some of those include medical reasons, trying to feed our kids, just wanting to get new items for our house, but new clothes for a new job, go on a date, and I could go on and on cause for each of us at different parts in our life it was for very different reasons.  But we are here Houston, we are in debt.  Although for Houston and Texas as a whole the debt has been falling we still have a long way to go.  So it is perfectly fine to look into a debt relief program but you have to do your work, it is not easy to fix a problem that has been growing.  As you can imagine most programs are relying on paying less to someone who loaned you money, can you imagine if someone that you loaned money paid you less than what you agreed to?  So it does take time, it does take patience – but if done correctly it is 100% worth it.

When you are looking into debt relief and companies that can help you it is important to know what you are looking for.  First make sure the company has an “A” rating with the better business bureau and make sure they have been in business more than 3 years.  Make sure the sales person is telling you not only what you want to hear but also what you don’t want to hear.  Find out how the company handles things like if/when you get sued.  Find out how they handle situations when their clients are upset.  If they have a complaint online that tells me it got really bad.  My old boss told me it is not that you are looking for customers to not complain, they will do that you are dealing with their money and their credit.  What you are looking for is how they handle customers when they do complain.  Do they avoid them to the point that someone had to go complain online just to get a response?  Companies should work with their customers with issues and not let them escalate.  That is what you should be looking for.  Get your debt fixed and use professional help if you can’t do it on your own, just word from the wise – make sure it is real professional help!

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